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Dreams of completion

Every once in a while I have to travel out of town. One of the locations that I travel too is near the west coast of Florida. It happens to be close to one of the best fishing areas in all of South Florida.  Just 30 minutes out of my way is ten thousand islands, on the south west coast. Several miles of mangrove islands surrounded by pristine waters, full of all kinds of game fish. It is one of the reasons for my idea of the kayak project.

Every time I come out this way I dream of bringing the kayak, and taking off for a couple days to go fishing there. One day soon, when I have the project near completion, I will take a couple days off to go fishing there with the kayak. It will be ideal for running around all the mangrove islands and channels among ten thousand islands.

Dreams can come true. You only have to belive it them, and strive to make them happen.

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