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My new Fishing Kayak

(originated September 19th, 2014)

I thought long and hard after doing much research as for what I wanted and what I expected. I wanted a good stable Kayak designed as a fishing kayak, with the ability to easily modify and add to it. I looked around and found that the Bass Pro Shops Ascend FS128T fishing kayak was the best kayak for the price that meets my needs. It has 4 access hatches for easy access to nearly every inch inside the hull. This will make fastening hardware and gear to the hull easier then most other comparably priced kayak’s.

So after work on a Friday, I went up to Bass Pro and picked up my new Kayak. As well as a few other items, such as a life vest, paddle, anchor, and other required safety gear. Once I got it home, I quickly gathered up some of my other gear and got it ready to hit the water in the morning.


The next morning I loaded up my truck and headed down to the boat ramp for some fun.




I chose to try another well known mangrove preserve that does not allow fossil fuel vehicle’s. It is has a sizable salt water lake that the local colleges use for their row boat practice. There are multiple mazes of water way paths throughout the preserve. The mangrove preserve is usually known for some really good fishing. But the recent weather had turned the lake brackish and murky. It was still a pretty good day. I caught a few mangrove snapper, grunt, and a decent size catfish. Had a couple really big strikes but nothing set the hook. Nothing really worth keeping. No free dinner that day.

Once again, like my first trip with the rental, the weather was sure to solidify my resolve and determination. It rained pretty heavy off and on throughout the day. But undaunted by the weather I paddled on through. I sought harbor under a bridge when it got really heavy for a while. Once it turned completely cloudy and consistently drizzling rain, I decided to pack it up and just have some fun skirting around the maze of water ways throughout the preserve.

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