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I do not deny it! Yes, it is cheating!


But this is only the beginning of a very unique project!

This project idea is the main premiss for the recent blog and website registrations under the name “Delirious Intentions.” This will serve as a “DIY” and “How To” log for this project build, as well as for future projects to come.

The future progress of this project idea will be so unique that it is sure to be noticed far and wide!
It will not be ready for even a basic trial run for at least a month yet, as it is still in development.

At the time of writing this, I am already nearly a quarter of the way into the project. The research has been done and most of the equipment purchased. Much of it has been assembled already. It is nearly ready for preliminary trials. All the previous steps of the build will be updated shortly. I will be updating the continuing progress to the sites as it is being built.

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