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The first trolling motor and mount

The test trolling motor may be in use for a while until the next phase of the project is ready. I might as well make it practical and useful.


 I mounted some PVC fittings to the top of the control stand pipe, and extended the wiring. I have sealed all the fittings to make it water tight. I then ran the wiring down a flexible hose to keep it sealed.


 I will then connect the motor to a heavy duty 5 pin disconnect.

20141018_020929.jpg 20141018_020849.jpg

 Added a temporary steering bar. Controllable with my feet. It is spring loaded to bring it back to center. The lines are crossed so that it will turn opposite the side you push on. Like steering a bicycle.


 The whole assembly is removable with 5 D-rings (control lines) and 1 stainless steel bolt. Roll up the control lines on the control bar and remove the 1 bolt. Slide it backwards and remove the motor mount from the kayak.

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