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A motorized Kayak? But isn’t that cheating?

As I said in a previous post. “Yes, I do not deny it!”


Ever since I posted this picture on my personal pages, I have been catching flack from friends and family. “Why didn’t you just buy a john boat?” “That defeats the purpose of getting some exercise!” “What a waste of a perfectly good Kayak!” “Isn’t that cheating?” The comments kept rolling in.  At least most were nice enough to express their comments privately. What is wrong with people? Did you forget who I am and what I do? ……  What is my nick name?

The name is not just for the Kayak or the website!

It represents who I am!

Delirious Intentions!

What does it mean?  Let me define it for you:

Delirious(1&2)    Intentions(1&2)

Have I ever done anything normal? Everyone knows I have a very creative and inventive mind.  Look at the things I have built in the past. The automation systems, robots, and other various builds and modifications. Before you start coming down on me with condescending comments about a trolling motor on a kayak at least find out what it is for!  And no, this is not a permanent attachment to the Kayak! Granted I will use it a lot, but it is not permanent. That is just a part of the project.

The following posts to this site should begin to clarify my “Intentions!” This is just the first of two trolling motors. I need the first one for testing the hardware and controller systems of a dual thrust steering system I am building. I am still in the development stage of a very unique project. One that has never been built, but is sure to become a big hit!


I have a 9 foot flat bottom racing boat, and a 18 foot open fisherman. If I just wanted to go fishing I have various options to choose from. This is not why I bought the Kayak. The 9′ flat bottom boat is well suited for fishing the flats. But it equates to trying to fish from a wave runner/ jet-ski. Great for getting some where in a hurry, but not the most ideal for fishing. The 18′ open fishermen is great for open water fishing. But both are fossil fueled vessels which are not allowed in some of the mangrove preserves. Many of which have some of the best fishing in South Florida. Both have another draw back as well. They both cost money to take out and require lots of maintenance and cleaning every time I go out. Not to mention the fact that you can only launch them from a boat ramp. So everything has to be planed out.

With a kayak, I can literally just toss it in the back of my truck and launch from any where I have access to parking by the water, and be in the water fishing within 30 minutes.  It doesn’t cost a penny to take it out, except maybe parking. I can have it all cleaned up and stored away in about 15-20 minutes. It is also a great challenge that can not compare to fishing from a regular boat. There is nothing like hooking a big fish and going on a sleigh ride.  It is small and maneuverable. It can get into some of the tight canals that even a john boat can not go.

I just happen to come up with a very unique idea that I have never seen anywhere. A small dual thrust steering boat which can get into and maneuver around some of the tightest areas. Like canal fishing. Where some of the best sport fishing can be easily found. Most Snook, Tarpon, and Jacks are found in the small canals around the bay, like the mangroves and residential canals. They school in these canals because it is easy feeding grounds for them, and difficult for most fishermen to get in there and find them. My project allows me to get into these locations and easy maneuver around and catch them. Also without a combustible engine they don’t even hear me coming.  I have already had a few occasions where the big fish were within 5-10 feet from the kayak and not even get spooked away. If anything, they have spooked me when they finally do see me.


If you really want to see what I have planed, then check back here from time to time. I intend to keep this site updated on a regular basis to my projects. Not just the kayak, but all my projects.

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