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First powered excursion

I needed to load test the kayak with the new motor mount and batteries. So I took it out on a cold morning.


 burr! Yes, even for me it was a bit nippy out this morning. But I was undaunted and determined to do some testing and fishing.


 But on a beautiful day like this, how can you say no?

It handled beautifully. The batteries are well balanced and  the test rig with the single motor works great. I was doing just over 3 mph. With the two batteries I was running  around at full throttle for about 2 hours and still had plenty of power left in the batteries at the end of the day.


 I traveled around 9 miles total. Fished along the mangroves all the way up the inside. Then cruised down the inter-coastal water way along the beach.

Only problem I found was trying to lift the kayak in to the truck with the batteries still in it. Time to fix that problem!

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