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Many small things come in boxes

Here is the breakdown for the brains and the brawn. The water proof enclosure for the micro controller and drive controller. I measured out the space under the seat and bought an exterior water proof enclosure for the electronics. It will fit securely in between the batteries under the seat.

20141111_184130.jpg 20141111_184046.jpg

I have a 100 Amp shunt for the main power. It is connected to the Amp meter in the wired controller. It is wired to the ground from the distribution bus in series to the battery ground. This will let me monitor the total amperage usage directly from the batteries. The Volt meter in the wired controller is also tied to this bus. I also have 3 disconnects for the accessories and lights to connect to the box.

20141112_015142.jpg 20141113_025424.jpg

I installed the following hardware onto a sheet of Marine StarBoard: a 100 Amp dual H-bridge drive controller for the main motors, a 60Amp H-bridge for the lights, and 4 x 10 Amp relays.


Also installed 4 analog 30 Amp current meters, which are wired into the micro controller. 1 for each motor, 3rd for the main system and lights, 4th for the charging circuit.


Nearly completed with the wiring. Still need to add a charge controller and wire up the 15 pin cable from the joy stick controller.

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