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No more dead-lifting the kayak

Saturday I tried the new ramp out with the kayak, and it works perfectly. With it fully loaded it rides up the ramp, backwards, and as it is within a few inches of the roof, it passes the center of balance and it teeters down level in the back of the truck. Even if the kayak is not fully loaded the bow is only a couple pounds heavy and can be easily lifted with one finger. I set up a few pulleys to give me the leverage on the pulling force, so it doesn’t take much force to pull it up the ramp.


I took it out today to try out the ramp.  I was very surprised that the ramp actually performed better than I had anticipated. It slid right out, nice and neat. And when I came back in, it only took me about 5 minutes to load the kayak into the truck. Fully loaded with the trolling motor too. The ramp has saved me at least 30 minutes in launching & landing times.

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