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Ramp it up a notch

The kayak is growing in features and weight. It is starting to become difficult to lift it into my truck. Time to remedy that quickly! So I built a quick ramp that the kayak can ride on in the truck. Now I can leave it fully loaded and still get it in and out of the truck with ease.

20141212_195128.jpg 20141212_201037.jpg

 Welded a hitch receiver to a box beam T-bar with a couple pieces of U-channel welded on top.


 Built the ramp out of 2 x 4 and covered it with carpeting. Using 2 x 6 braces to keep it rigid when winching it up the ramp.


 Plugs right into my hitch receiver and lays across the bed of the truck.


It is a bit steep. But I have 3 pullies to help winch it up.


 Once I get it up it will tilt down and the kayak can slide all the way up inside the truck.


 Best of all it fits neatly inside the truck for when I am out on the water.

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