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Removable motor mount.

OK, so I have stated that the motor will not be permanent. So I need a removable motor mount. But I don’t want some thing complicated that requires so many bolts and fasteners to deal with. So here is how I did it.


 First is the hardware. I have a bunch of lap and groove aluminum plates from some old decommissioned equipment I work on. The lap grove is just a hair thinner then half the thickness of the material, making it easy to overlap. I drilled and tapped each plate in 5 points for locking them together.


 For each side I have one underneath and two on top.


They are positioned in a way that allows me to slide another forward and interlock between the two on top of the deck.


 Mounted a 3rd set in the back for a locking bar. It also replaces the carry handle. Mount the same matching set in reverse to a plate of Marine Star Board to complete the mount. It is fastened together by placing it just behind the locking position and pushing it forward.


 The upper mounting plate interlocks to the fixed mounting rails on the hull. It is secured in place with a single bolt through the back into the rail which also replaces the handle.


 For testing the project build I am starting out with a single motor. I added a piece of 2×4 to the starboard for the trolling motor mount to attach to.

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